Baseload Capital started drilling for geothermal project in Taiwan


Baseload Capital Taiwan reports on the start of drilling for the first commercial, private geothermal power project in Taiwan.

In a personal post, Van Hoang, Chairman and CEO of Baseload Power Taiwan Inc., the Taiwan regional representation of Swedish Baseload Capital shares the background on the company’s start into geothermal in Taiwan.

The company was established to develop private geothermal projects with modules provided by Swedish ORC technology supplier Climeon. The company is planning to set up a plant with a capacity of around 1 MW in power generation capacity becoming the first commercial, private geothermal power plant.

To start with the company accessed a heat map of Taiwan that was created with records of wells drilled by the China Petroleum Corporation some 30 years ago. According to the data, there were 34 spots that were identified to have found only water yet no gas or oil. With this map, Baseload Capital has determined suitable sites that would allow the utilisation of the units provided by Climeon for power generation down to a temperature of around 70-80 degrees Celsius.

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Baseload Capital announces that its subsidiary, Baseload Power Japan has officially begun its fourth geothermal power operation.

地熱vs.溫泉大不同 產學界促立專法


開發地熱發電 宜花東潛力旺

運轉過程幾無碳排、無水資源耗損的地熱發電,是近年熱門的再生能源之一,台灣位在太平洋板塊火環帶,具開發優勢,東部發展的潛能是全台之最,其中宜蘭、台東地熱發電已實際運轉,花蓮卻因部落族人多次抗議,開發廠商除配合部落生活習慣,調整作業時間,耗時1年半的溝通協調,直到去年底才完成開發第一階段鑿井探勘,進程較慢。 萬榮鄉紅葉部落是花蓮縣第一件地熱開發案,工研院研究指出,當地初估蘊藏16MW(百萬瓦)的地熱潛能,瑞典商倍速羅得公司2019年選定作為開發案場。 Read the full article at >> China Times
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